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We combine years of experience in health care recruiting with legal expertise in immigration law. The result is a niche recruiting firm with an ability to place both US and foreign medical graduates. We are with you every step of the way: from evaluation of experience and skills, through the J-1 waiver process, to long-standing professional relationships.

Whether you are a physician seeking health care employment opportunities or a health care organization seeking assistance with your recruitment efforts, Invenio Recruiting is here to help you find your future.

Medical Advisory Board
Corinne Martin CNM, NP
APP Advisor
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van fleet_maranda.jpg
Maranda Sullivan, MD
Residency Advisor
Anjali Bharne, MD
Andy Cummins - Self Portrait_edited.jpg
Andrew Cummins, MD

Benjamin joined Invenio in 2016, using his experience as a recruiter and a client manager in scientific and medical recruiting to now assist health care organizations in their search for medical professionals.  In working with companies around the country to find qualified talent, Benjamin has gained valuable insight into various markets, and serves as an exceptional liason between health care organizations and the staff they seek to hire and retain.  Call him today and be on your way to finding your future!

As the owner of Invenio Recruiting, Kate has always had a passion for connecting people.  A licensed immigration attorney with over a decade of experience in health care, Kate represents medical organizations seeking qualified candidates to join their team.  Kate has experience in both large and small markets, and prides herself in her Upstate NY roots, which she proudly features to prospective residents!  Additionally, her expertise in immigration law allows her to assess the needs of both foreign and US medical grads as they seek employment in the United States. The result is a rare niche recruiting model that successfully spans the globe for experienced, excellent physicians ready to embark on new and rewarding positions.

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